The Best Masters in Forensic Accounting Degree Programs

The Best Masters in Forensic Accounting Degree Programs

An expected 397 schools over the nation offer masters in forensic accounting systems. What's more the greater part of the 50 states have schools in the field. The schools offering accredited masters degrees in forensic accounting are in Texas and New York. The table that takes after shows the amount of schools in every state that offer these projects:

Colleges in the US Offering Masters in Forensic Accounting Degree Programs

State Number of Schools
Texas 37
New York 36
Florida 23
Pennsylvania 17
Illinois 17
California 16
Ohio 15
Michigan 14
North Carolina 13
Massachusetts 13
Georgia 12
New Jersey 11
Tennessee 11
Virginia 11
Missouri 11
Indiana 10
Oklahoma 9
Washington State 8
Alabama 7
Colorado 7
Arizona 7
Utah 6
Mississippi 6
Connecticut 6
Iowa 6
South Carolina 5
Arkansas 5
Louisiana 5
Wisconsin 4
Kentucky 4
Minnesota 3
Hawaii 3
West Virginia 3
Kansas 3
Rhode Island 3
Idaho 3
New Hampshire 3
New Mexico 3
Nebraska 3
Washington DC 2
Maryland 2
Nevada 2
North Dakota 2
Maine 2
Montana 2
Oregon 2
Wyoming 1
Delaware 1
South Dakota 1
Vermont 1

Top Masters in Forensic Accounting Programs

At the undergraduate level, managerial accounting, evidence and forensic accounting are a portion of the regular subjects for center masters forensic accounting classes. What's more standards of microeconomics, microsoft outperform latest rendition and advancing organizational change are territories in which schools offer elective courses.

The accompanying is a record of a portion of the regular zones in which customizes offer specializations:

  • Computer Information Systems
  • Accounting
  • Cyber Crime Technology

The following types of programs are available:

  • Master of Accountancy in Forensic Accounting
  • Master of Business Administration in Forensic Accounting
  • Master of Forensic Accounting in Forensic Accounting

As can be seen from the chart below, of forensic accounting programs, approximately 16% are offered at the masters level.

US Programs Offering Masters in Forensic Accounting by Degree Level

Degree Level Percentage of Programs at this level
Undergrad Certificate in Forensic Accounting 13.2
Grad Certificate in Forensic Accounting 2.6
Associates Degree in Forensic Accounting 22.4
Bachelors Degree in Forensic Accounting 45.8
Masters Degree in Forensic Accounting 16
Doctoral Degree in Forensic Accounting 0

Masters in Forensic Accounting Program Graduates

In 2010, forensic accounting masters systems graduated an expected 13,730 students from schools around the Us. This acts for 18% of graduates in the field whatsoever degree and certificate levels.

The amount of graduates has developed in the course of recent years. Credentials in the order at this level were earned by purportedly 9,891 students in 2006. As this shows, the amount of students graduating from these projects has expanded by roughly 39% lately. As might be seen by the accompanying chart, compared to the average development in the amount of forensic accounting graduates whatsoever degree levels, the amount of masters graduates has developed 87.4% speedier:

Comparison of Masters in Forensic Accounting Graduates to Total Forensic Accounting Graduates

Year Masters Graduates All Forensic Accounting Graduates
2006 9,891 62,346
2007 10,490 65,843
2008 10,783 68,739
2009 11,480 69,397
2010 13,730 75,259

Texas, Arizona and Illinois are the states from which the greatest number of these graduates gain their credentials. In 2010, 12% of the country's forensic accounting master graduates earned their degrees and certificates from the 37 Texas schools offering projects in the range. In that year, 11% of graduates graduated from the 7 schools in Arizona. What's more 7% of forensic accounting graduates across the nation graduated from the 17 Illinois forensic accounting schools. Consequently, in 2010, graduates from these 3 states accounted for 4,107 of the country's 13,730 graduates in the region at this level.

The table that follows shows the number of graduates in the discipline each state in 2010:

Masters in Forensic Accounting Graduates by State

State Graduates
Texas 1,688
Arizona 1,480
Illinois 939
Florida 835
New York 814
North Carolina 622
Massachusetts 575
Michigan 518
Virginia 509
California 491
Missouri 419
Ohio 415
New Jersey 367
Georgia 339
Indiana 329
Utah 310
Colorado 248
Tennessee 231
Wisconsin 203
Alabama 183
Kansas 178
Iowa 161
Washington State 152
Louisiana 146
Pennsylvania 142
Mississippi 134
South Carolina 134
Oklahoma 122
Washington DC 112
Connecticut 105
Arkansas 77
New Hampshire 70
Nevada 69
New Mexico 66
Kentucky 66
Rhode Island 57
Montana 56
Minnesota 49
Nebraska 49
Idaho 47
Oregon 46
West Virginia 42
Hawaii 39
Delaware 24
Maine 22
South Dakota 18
Maryland 16
Wyoming 9
Vermont 4
North Dakota 3

According to the number of completions, the top masters in forensic accounting schools are:

  1. University of Phoenix
  2. University of Illinois
  3. University of Texas

In 2010, a reported 4,751 students graduated from the masters system in the range at University of Phoenix, which is a 4 year private university placed in Phoenix, Az. University of Phoenix was established in 1978 and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

A reported 765 students graduated from the masters in forensic accounting system at University of Illinois in 2010. Uiuc is a 4 year public university placed in Champaign, Il. Established in 1867, University of Illinois is likewise accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

What's more, in 2010, 541 students graduated with masters degrees in the field from University of Texas in 2010. University of Texas is likewise a 4 year private university spotted in Austin, Tx. Ut was established in 1883. It is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Accredited Masters in Forensic Accounting School Tuition

In the nation, there are 192 private forensic accounting masters schools and 205 public forensic accounting masters schools. These private schools charge students from around $3,840 to $42,905 every year in educational cost. The public institutions charge students an average yearly educational cost of $6,694 for in-state students and $16,699 for out-of-state students.

Masters in forensic accounting college and university students at both public and private schools have the opportunity to procure gives and grants and in addition seek different types of financial help. Financial support totaling $16 billion was earned by students at Us schools that offer courses in the field in 2010. Of this amount, 45% was in the manifestation of grants and gives that did not have to be paid back, while 55% was elected advances.

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